Let's figure this out together.

Even the healthiest of relationships require work, commitment, and effort. Couples counseling is beneficial for all types and stages of relationships.

No matter the stage of your relationship - dating, engaged, newly married, a few years in, or hitting big milestone anniversaries - and whatever the goal is that brings you to therapy, our goal is to have you both walking out of our office feeling like the counselor is on your side - advocating, guiding, and helping you each, and your couple-hood, reach a place that's healthy for both parties.

Why would you want to invite a stranger into the vulnerabilities of your relationship?  Sometimes we're "too close" to the situation and can't see it with clear eyes, or we just don't know a different way, but are committed to making things better. It can be very helpful to have a compassionate and neutral third-party guide you through areas where you feel stuck.

Transitions often result in the need to reevaluate the roles and rules within our partnership. This may include working on increasing feelings of love and passion due to becoming complacent or taking each other for granted, struggling to decide whether to continue forward as a couple or go separate ways, or adjusting to a significant stressor, like a career change, illness, death, or infertility. It's important to establish, understand, and honor (or re-establish) healthy boundaries within a couple.

Although Struggling with Communication is the primary identified issue stated by couples coming to counseling, there are often other issues at play, such as:

  • Disconnection or Missed opportunities for showing/receiving affection
  • Arguments are on repeat, occurring over and over with no progress towards resolution
  • Disrespect toward one another, including being dismissive, defensive, critical, or holding contempt
  • Contemplating or having had an affair because something is missing

We can support you to communicate more effectively and respectfully, increase love and affection in your relationship, as well as navigate big decisions.

Photo by Ben Rosett

Photo by Ben Rosett

Be prepared for the future before you say "I do."

You're blissfully happy and can't imagine ever arguing with your fiance. Or maybe your dismissing those arguments and fundamental differences, hoping they'll fade away as you experience the wedding of your dreams.

It's amazing - the wedding, the honeymoon, the gifts!

But then, he says he wants kids right away and you wanted to wait a few years and it turns out she's super messy! Here we are in real life, for the rest of your lives. Talking about these things before you get married can help the 'honeymoon' phase last even longer, because you know you're on the same page.

Contact us regarding Premarital Counseling to ensure long-term success in your relationship.