Connect. Heal. Grow.

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Discover you are not alone - receive support with others who get it. 

Find your voice - say the things you haven't said or others don't seem to understand. 

Gain insight - give and receive information from others walking a similar path. 

Learn coping skills - find new ways to manage your stress and pain. 

Check out our current group offerings below... 

After a successful first run of this group in Summer 2018, Healthy Self. Healthy Life. is proud to offer a second round of this important group.

Following attendance of this group, clients are invited to continue attending a monthly group for ongoing support. Contact Hannah for more information. 

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***Group start has been delayed until Tues. Oct. 9th (other session dates remain the same, with addition of Dec. 4th & 18th)***

$35/session  |  Sign up by Sunday, October 7th via

Photo credit to Helen Carmina Photography

Photo credit to Helen Carmina Photography

Mothers of Cesarean Sections Support Group

The road to motherhood is paved so many different ways, but when your doctor says, "You need a C-Section!", everything changed, right?! It did for me and the start of motherhood was anything but what I had expected.

The feelings that come up for mothers who have had a C-Section are complex. Come talk with other mothers who have journeyed the same road and process what you need with a professional. 

1st Saturday of each month  |  10:30am - 12:00pm

FREE - but you must RSVP to or (303) 495-6991 x 2

Anticipatory Grief Group

This group is perfect for any young adult (approx. 19-36 yo) who has a parent that has been diagnosed with a terminal or degenerative illness, such as cancer, Alzheimer's/dementia, MS, etc. 

You may be the first of your peers to deal with the devastating news that your parent is ill and may die sooner than expected... come receive support with others who are trying to navigate the same road.

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2nd/4th Saturdays, (postponed till Fall; spots remaining)  |  10:30am - 12:00pm

6 session group  |   $35/group

Email or call (303) 495-6991 to get more info or to sign up.