Meet Hannah (Hawn-ah).

Desire something different in your life or your relationships?

I will support and challenge you to realize the differences you desire.


Hannah Dudley, LMFT - Founder & Clinician

Feeling heard. Being seen. Having presence. These are things that matter personally to Hannah. Things that make her feel like she can get through the rough times, come back to her true self, feel motivated to conquer goals, and fully celebrate successes. Because these qualities have tremendously helped Hannah through numerous up’s and down’s over the years, she hopes to embody these same qualities to create similar feelings for her clients. The road may not be clear, smooth, or what you expected, but with someone on your side, hearing you out, and embracing the unique you, hope can be found and nourished.

As a skilled couple and family therapist, Hannah looks at problems not in isolation, but in the context of the various systems a person/couple/family is connected to. Her approach is to collaborate with clients to set goals, then capitalize strengths to help them find solutions. Where appropriate, she works closely to consult and coordinate with other therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, schools, and other relevant professionals to provide the most collaborative treatment and solutions.

Professional Background

Hannah has over 11 years of experience in the counseling and human services field, having held a variety of positions in the community. Her various roles of counseling and training have prepared her to be a well-rounded, strengths-based, and systems-oriented clinician, as well as have a variety of experience and knowledge to offer new clinicians. Supervision of new therapists is a specialty of Hannah's practice, especially considering her extensive, hands-on experience coordinating the training of interns in her previous position. Hannah has supervised a variety of new therapists since 2012, including those working in private practice and local community. She is also skilled at conducting systemic risk assessments, creating safety plans, and responding to crisis in a calm and thorough manner. Some areas of specialty have been chosen due to Hannah’s own life experiences, or those of close friends and family, while others have been chosen from a passion to support people in specific relationship struggles – whether that’s a relationship with oneself, partner, parent, or other family member. Most were chosen on account of a combination of these factors.

Professional Affiliations

  • State of Colorado, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#1038), since August 2012

  • American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT)

    • Clinical Fellow, since September 2012

    • Approved Supervisor, since April 2014

  • Colorado Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (COAMFT)

    • Member-at-Large, 2017-2019

    • Elections Committee member, 2014-2015; chair, 2016

Previous Employment

  • Regis University & University of Colorado-Denver (UCD) (current, as needed) - Affiliate Faculty - Providing group supervision to graduate-level students in the Marriage & Family Therapy (Regis) and Couple & Family (UCD) tracks through their required internship courses.

  • Judi’s HouseInternship Training Manager, Grief Counselor, and Clinical Supervisor – Four years providing curriculum- and process-based individual, couples, family, and group therapy focused on grief and bereavement to children 3-18 and their caregivers. Additionally, Hannah oversaw the team efforts of training and supervising approximately 10 graduate-level interns each year.

  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH)Functional Family Therapy (FFT) clinician – Two years’ experience providing in-home family therapy with the goal of reducing teen at-risk behaviors (including pervasive mental health, truancy, self-harm/suicidal ideation, and general community & family misconduct) by targeting family relationships and coordinating with all key players within the family and community.

  • Pathways HospiceBereavement Department Intern – Provided bereavement and anticipatory grief support to individuals, couples, and families of Pathways Hospice and the community through groups and individual sessions.

  • Center for Family & Couple Therapy (CFCT) at Colorado State University (CSU)Center Coordinator and Therapist Intern – Coordinated the ongoing operations of the therapy center, while also providing over 250 hours of individual, couples, and family therapy to CSU students and Northern Colorado community members for a variety of issues.

  • Colorado State University (CSU) Department of Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS)Key Undergraduate Advisor – Almost three years coordinating and managing the advising efforts, including recruitment to the major, progress toward degree completion, and career advising, of over 650 undergraduate students.

Personal Background

When not working, Hannah enjoys spending time with her friends and family and exploring the great outdoors of Colorado.  Her favorite activities are camping, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and laughing - often at herself.

Hannah grew up in a small town just east of Kansas City, and spent her childhood and teenage years in the barn and out in the field with her horse(s). She attributes much of her sense of responsibility, organization, care, and empathy to the years she spent learning to have excellent horse(wo)manship. She also found a competitive nature with herself, always striving to be better, while regionally traveling to 3-day Eventing Trials. Although she is only slowly getting back into the world of riding currently, her passion for horses - and the lessons they taught her - are always present. 

A Colorado resident for over 15 years, Hannah lives in Denver with her husband and super-sized black Labrador Retriever, fondly referred to as a “Labra-Pony.”

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