Photo by Kari Shea

Photo by Kari Shea

How can something that seems so easy for so many, be so difficult for you?

It's like this thing you can picture, sometimes you swear you can feel it... but then it turns out it's still out of reach or out of focus.

You want a baby. That's amazing. And yet your journey to have that baby has not been amazing... it's likely been full of hope, heartbreak, anger, pain, financial strain, and the list goes on. Everyone's journey looks different, but the pain of wanting something that's so basic and biological, something that's so ingrained and valued, while it seems so easy for so many, that's universal for women and men on this journey.

Whether you and your partner are on this journey due to a medical condition, stressful lives, or unknown circumstances, the effects can take a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll on couples. Whether you want support as an individual or as a couple, here are common ways therapy can be supportive during this time:

  • Disengagement from friends and family
  • Feeling consumed and unable to focus on other areas of your life/relationship
  • Guilt, blame, and shame
  • Disconnection from your partner - may include a disrupted or programmed sex life
  • Spiritual and philosophical questioning
  • Health concerns
  • Financial hardship

Although we cannot provide medical advice, we can explore and process, and learn to manage, your feelings of overwhelm, as well as connect you with other professionals that may be able to support you on this journey, such as acupuncturists and fertility specialists.

Why (In)Fertility?

A note from Hannah: I don't know why it bothers me so much, but the word infertility gives me a physical reaction - and not in a good way. I guess it IS the opposite of being fertile, but that does nothing for making me feel any less imperfect, damaged, or incapable. I just wish we could call it fertility - fertility doctors, fertility clinics - because that's the goal, right?! Putting a label on me, pointing out I don't have something, doesn't make me feel any better about this journey.