Loretta Bozeman, LMFT

I had the opportunity to work with Hannah as my supervisor for two years.  Coming straight out of graduate school, I was nervous about entering the field as a therapist and working in roles that demanded a significant amount of independent work.  I contracted Hannah as an outside supervisor, who could help me grow my competencies as a marriage and family therapist and navigate the process to become a LMFT. 

Hannah was an amazing support for me during these first two years, as I worked towards licensure.  She had a natural ability to understand my needs as a new therapist, notice my growth areas and my strengths, and encouraged me to push myself and my skills further than I would have ever thought.  During our work together, I came to understand myself as a therapist, what is important to me for my career, and really believe in myself and my abilities.  I can confidently say that I would not be the therapist or person I am today if I didn't have Hannah walking beside me during this time in my journey. 

I feel so grateful that I was lucky enough to find her to support me during one of the most challenging times in my career and her words of wisdom and encouragement continue to inspire me as I navigate through the many challenges of my career.