Young/Emerging Adults Grief Support Group - Fall 2018

After a successful first run of this group in Summer 2018, Healthy Self. Healthy Life. is proud to offer a second round of this important group this Fall.

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There is no timeline for when the death loss occurred for this group to be supportive.

***Group start has been delayed until Tues. Oct. 9th (other session dates remain the same, with addition of Dec. 4th & 18th)***

$35/session  |  Sign up by Sunday, October 7th via  |  (303) 495-6991 x 1

Following attendance of this group, clients are invited to continue attending a monthly group for ongoing support. Contact Hannah for more information. 

Young/Emerging Adults Grief Support Group

We strongly believe in the power of a group to support and help us process in ways we simply can't do individually (one is not better, they are just different).

Having attended my own support groups, I know how powerful it can be for someone else to share something I’ve been thinking, but haven’t been able to formulate into words AND others sharing things I thought I was the only one experiencing can be so validating. 
— Hannah Dudley, LMFT
Young.Emerging Adult Grief Support Group - picture.jpg

There is no timeline for when the death loss occurred for this group to be supportive.

Launching Monday, June 11th - please sign up by Friday, June 8th  |  (303) 495-6991 x 1

FREE Monthly Support Group for Mother's of C-Sections

Please pass the word to any family, friends, acquaintances, or clients who could use a little extra support following the birth of their child via Cesarean Section. 

FREE, first Saturday of the month, but attendees must RSVP in advance to or (303) 495-6991 x2

Scroll to the bottom for a note from the facilitator, Zacil. 

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A note from the facilitator... Read more about Zacil by clicking here

The journey of motherhood is paved so many different ways, but when your doctor says, “You
need a C-section!” everything changed right?! It did for me, and the start of motherhood was
anything but what I had expected.
— Zacil Ha Contreras

New Group Offering

Anticipatory Grief Group for Adult Children of a Terminally Ill Parent

You may be the first of your peers to deal with the devastating news that your parent is ill and may die sooner than expected... come receive support with others who are trying to navigate the same road. 

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This group is perfect for any young adult (approx. 19-36 yo) who has a parent that has been diagnosed with a terminal or degenerative illness, such as cancer, Alzheimer's/dementia, MS, etc. 

2nd/4th Saturdays, starting May 12th  |  10:30am - 12:00pm

6 session group  |   $35/group (save $20 by paying in advance)


Email or call (303) 495-6991 to get more info or to sign up. 


Welcome to the Team, Zacil!

With a new year comes new beginnings at Healthy Self. Healthy Life., PLLC.

Welcome Zacil.jpg

I am excited to announce the expansion of our service offerings with the addition of a new team member - Welcome, Zacil Ha Contreras!

Zacil is a bilingual Marriage & Family Therapist Candidate, offering services in English and servicios en Español to individuals (adolescents and older), couples, and families.  She specializes in Grief & Loss, Postpartum Issues, & Family Transitions. Her services are being offered at a variable/reduced rate & she will be serving the Denver and Castle Rock community.  Immediate Tuesday afternoon/evening & Saturday availability in Denver. Immediate Monday afternoon/evening availability in Castle Rock.  

Let's meet Zacil with some fun questions: 

  1. What's the last book you read?  "A is for Activist" - An ABC children's book about becoming an activist. I highly recommend! 
  2. What's the best meal you ever had? Fast food Vietnamese in New York City... at 3am... it was AMAZING! 
  3. What are you working on right now? Potty training a 2 1/2 year old... I never thought I'd talk about poop so much! 
  4. What is the best concert you ever attended? Santana @ Red Rocks
  5. Who is your least favorite superhero? Green Lantern... so lame.
  6. What are you currently watching on Netflix? I'm finally catching up with the masses and watching "Breaking Bad." 
  7. Where's your favorite place in the world? In a hammock, in my dad's little hut village of Yuctan. 
  8. What's a secret or special talent of yours? I can speak Mayan... not very well, though. 
  9. Who inspires you?  My parents... they are immigrants to this country and they've made "the American dream" possible for themselves and me and my sister. 
  10. What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about helping people get back to where they want to be... whether it's an individual or a family. I like the tough ones, too. 

Want to read a little more about Zacil, check out her profile page here

Interested in working with Zacil?  Please contact us to set up a FREE, 30-minute (in-person or phone) initial consultation!  (303) 495-6991 or